Levels & Fees

In order to be inclusive and acknowledge people’s varying levels within the industry, we have established a number of different tiers to membership.  While most will fall under General Membership, we also have a Student Member with according fees and for outstanding and longterm contribution to the industry, there are also Senior and Fellow Membership status.

Student : €60 /yr
In a recognised education course, or apprenticed and in training in a workshop under the supervision of a member of the guild.

Member : €120 /yr
Open to designers, makers, traditional bench-workers, smiths, skilled services including setters, polishers, engravers, enamelers etc. and also open to Jewellers in non-precious materials provided their work is of professional standard.

Senior Member : €120 /yr
In recognition of longevity of work experience of 10+ years in the trade.

Fellow : €120 /yr
by nomination by membership and election/approval by the standing Fellows and Guild Executive.

Honorary : No Fee
by nomination by Guild Executive in recognition of lifetime achievement and contribution to their field.

The process for joining is as follows:

Complete the membership application form.

The application will be assessed by the membership committee and will have to meet certain criteria including proof that the work is made in Ireland, has a high enough standard of design and craftsmanship or has exhibited nationally or internationally.
Upon assessment, the successful applicant will receive a letter of invitation and the payment details for membership.

Once this is completed the new member will be issued with a membership logo, will be entitled to use "IJSG" after their name, and will be listed on the IJSG website. Members have the option of their links and contact details being visible to the public, or only to Guild Members. The new member will also receive invitations to subsequent member events.