The Irish Jewellers and Silversmiths Guild was established by a core group of makers in 2022 who felt that formal representation was essential to promote and advance the high quality of design and craftsmanship in jewellery making and silversmithing in Ireland. Among the Guild’s key objectives is to stimulate creativity and innovation while also maintaining standards of excellence in craftsmanship and training, and the preservation of our traditional skills.

Central to this is the need to foster community among our makers, and actively support and advocate for the interests of established practitioners, emerging designer/makers, new graduates and current students. The IJSG will also work with industry partners at home and abroad to generate opportunities for the sector, and provide a united voice to advance our members’ interests in any forum where decisions are made that affect them.

Goals of the IJSG include:
To provide a platform for co-operation and professional cohesion, a forum for the exchange of views and common objectives of membersTo actively promote and raise the profile of the sector and IJSG members, nationally and internationally, through a variety of initiatives including members’ exhibitions, awards/bursaries, media campaigns etc. To encourage a commitment to innovative thinking in addition to the preservation of traditional skills. To establish and maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship and training. To support the development of education and training opportunities, both in craft skills and business developmentTo work with industry partners to generate opportunities for the benefit of members. To represent members’ interests in any forum where decisions are made that affect the sector in Ireland.

Guild Structure

The structure of the Guild comprises an Executive Committee and a number of Standing Committees, which support the specific activities of the Executive group, such as Membership, Training, Exhibitions, Communications, and Fundraising. 

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee includes notable names in the industry, several of whom also have professional experience in management, branding, marketing and journalism. The IJSG Steering Committee members are: Alan Ardiff, Patrick Brennan, Eimear Conyard, Victoria Donovan, Seamus Gill, Tuula Harrington, Vanessa Murtagh, Sé O’Donoghue, Aaron O’Sullivan, Inga Reed, Emer Roberts, and Eimear Vize.


The Guild offers various levels of membership as follows:
Student member
General member
Senior member (ten or more years in the industry)
Fellow member
Honorary member

For further information please contact us; IJSG.guild@gmail.com

Executive Committee

Chairperson - Sé O’Donoghue
Vice Chairperson - Patrick Brennan 
Secretary  - Eimear Vize
Treasurer - Tuula Harrington
Communications - Vanessa Murtagh